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Standardize Productions With Metadata Conventions and Templates

Giving editors freedom for creativity is great but sometimes you need to specify conventions in order to keep the overall workflow organized. Strawberry enables you to create metadata connections for projects that editors have to stick by. This ensures that editing project are always searchable based on a scheme that you predefined.

The Strawberry template tool helps you to create templates for editing projects setting or even entire productions. They allow you to prepare certain file and folder structures that you want your editors to be provided with upon project creation. Templates simply are a great way to standardize the content of productions.


Regain Storage Control With Strawberry’s Virtual File System Layer

As an Administrator you probably don’t want any user to be able to see and modify all of your central storage content. Strawberry organizes projects and media assets on the storage automatically. This reduces the likeliness for human mistakes & keeps editors focused on their editing. Editors can only see and access the projects and media assets that you want them to see and access. If you want, you can can deny editors to see the centralized storage at all.


Define Access Rights With Strawberry’s User & Team Management

Strawberry’s functionality provides a unique user and team management solution which makes projects & assets available for those who require access, while keeping them invisible to those who don’t. Administrators can define storage quotas for teams and monitor the storage usage at any time. Strawberry’s capability to integrate with LDAP/Active Directory makes sure you can use your existing directory services.


Preview & Review ­ With The VIEW Proxy Encoder

Strawberry’s VIEW module provides a high-­end proxy creator that automatically generates proxy files from most professional video, image and audio formats including XDCAM HD/EX, Panasonic P2, Avid DNXHD, Apple Prores and many more. These file are then browsable via an easy to use HTML5 website via a desktop or mobile operating system. This feature enables you to share content with your customer for previews and approvals and makes communication more visual and more effective.


Send It Off the Shelf With Strawberry’s Build­In Archive Functions

Strawberry comes with an integrated archiv functionality that can easily send editing projects and their related assets to an archive or retrieve them from there via the Strawberry front­end. Admins can define multiple archiving options such as “put projects in a *.tar file upon archival”. Strawberry can archive editing projects and assets to everything that can be mounted to your storage system including archive storages, LTFS tape libraries and more. Editors can still view archived content and don’t need to bother the admin complaining that the system is busted when in reality, the content is being retrieved from tape. Editor Driven Archival: Editors or Admins can CHOOSE what projects are to be archived, and know when they are being retrieved.


Keep It Simple With State of The Art Usability

The user interface of Strawberry 4 is entirely based on state of the art web technology. It’s functional, yet beautiful design & it’s responsive usability look & feel great on both ­ desktop & mobile operating systems.

Strawberry’s clean interface contains only functions which assist editors and admins with editing project management. Editing still happens transparently using the actual editing application (Media Composer, Premiere, FCP and more..). The interface is not cluttered with unnecessary functions.


Just Find Things With Strawberry’s Instant Search Function

Carrying out a search on Strawberry is just as easy as it is on popular search engines as Strawberry offers a blazingly fast instant search. Strawberry’s search engine is able to search simultaneously for project names, media assets, proxy files as well as project and media file related metadata, ­ and even extracts information from Adobe project files and Avid bins. Since searching across multiple fields using MySQL is (performance wise) a pain in the neck Strawberry organizes search relevant data in a special search model that allows incredibly fast search operations through all your content in one single shot.


May We Assist You? ­ Automatic Metadata Extraction & Adobe Integration

Finding projects and assets is great but sometimes you want to go a step further. Strawberry indexes relevant content from Adobe and Avid project files to make it searchable via one central database. Start searching for Adobe masterclips, comments & description or search for Avid sequences and master clips ­ all from one single search field and in one single search operation.
Strawberry can also be triggered directly with Adobe Premiere CC. The Strawberry Adobe Premiere panel enables editors to search & import for assets and projects without leaving the editing application.


Project Sharing For Major Editing Applications

With Strawberry there is no need to hide, reveal, lock or unlock specific files and bins manually or to constantly mount and unmount volumes. In addition Strawberry automatically synchronizes editing progress among different projects and users ensuring that everyone is always up to date. Strawberry provides fast and secure project sharing for Avid™, Final Cut 7™ and Adobe™ editing projects. Multiple users can access the same project and media files simultaneously without risking accidental overwrites or deletions of each others project or media content. Its award­-winning project sharing approach does not only work with the applications mentioned above. It works with a wide range of creative applications.

You don’t need that Twice! ­ – Avoid duplicated Content

Since Strawberry sees and manages all the editing projects on the storage it always “knows” which files belong to which project. Files can easily be linked from one project to another without needing to duplicate them. This is helps to optimize storage utilization for editing projects & assets.

Your Storage ­ Your Choice

Strawberry’s unique architecture makes it suitable for most storage systems out there. This gives you the freedom to choose the storage you like with the capabilities you need and turn it into a state of the art collaboration system. Your storage Finally remains your choice!

NAS (Linux) and SAN (StorNext, XSan and HyperFS) File System Compatibility

You workflow should not be limited by the network infrastructure that you use. This is why Strawberry can be used with Linux based NAS/SAN storage systems as long as they stick to the POSIX standard and do not come with proprietary modifications.


Stay Open With Strawberry’s REST API

REST is an HTTP API and an alternative to SOAP based web services. Where SOAP tries to model the exchange between client and server as calls to objects, REST tries to be faithful to the web domain. The Strawberry Rest API can be used to integrate Strawberry with other helpful systems like the ones for ingest and archive.