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Option 1: As a 1U server that can be connected to a storage device of your choice


Option 2: As a Storage-OEM with our hardware partners DVS and Scale Logic

Certified Applications


Adobe Premiere/ After Effects CS5 – CC


Avid Media Composer & NewsCutter (latest)


Avid Pro Tools 10 or higher


Final Cut Pro 7

Top 10 Workflow Features

For editors understandable within minutes

File/Project sharing & bin locking for all major editing applications

Unique project library that keeps track of projects, their media content, their work-in-progress-status and more

Google style search functions for editing projects, project descriptions, media files, proxy files and Avid bin content.

A powerful proxy clip creator that can handle most professional tapeless video/audio file formats and makes them available via a HTML5-website (mini MAM)

Database driven user & team Management making projects available for those who require access, while keeping them invisible to those who don’t.

Your storage, your choice. Strawberry can be connected to most NAS/SAN storage systems our there.

Unique morphing file system layer that automatically manages projects on the storage

One click “Send-Project-to-Archive” solution to backup all project and media files related to a particular project.

Avoids accidental loss of media files while providing Admins with a safe way of deleting entire projects

Certified SAN Storage File Systems

(Quantum Cooperation)

Bluewhale (Blue Whale Information Technologies)

HyperFS (Scale Logic)

XSan (Apple)

Certified NAS Storage File Systems

OneFS (Isilon)

EXT 3/4 (Open Source)

XFS (Open Source)

Strawberry literally supports any NAS storage that is based on a standard (POSIX conform) Linux system.