Strawberry is an award-winning Production Asset Management Suite (PAM), designed to keep productions organized and collaboration flexible. Strawberry solves key storage and workflow management issues that plague every media production house. For a PAM to be effective, it must integrate tightly with key creative applications, accelerate production workflows, and manage the underlying production storage. Strawberry does this and more, so that you can utilize your creative talent more effectively. Its unique approach balances the needs of the technical team and creative team for producing content seamlessly. If you have tired of constantly adding storage and see that a smarter workflow is the solution, have a closer look.

Build powerful and intuitive workflows that empower your creative team, whether in the edit suite or on set. Gain control over the flood of incoming content. Make your archive work for you. From ingesting, to logging, to editing, to approval, to archival, Strawberry helps you to manage your projects & media throughout their life cycle.

Share projects and assets among different applications. Strawberry eliminates the need to copy footage between applications or production islands, all while integrating deeply into major creative tools. This saves time, improves turnaround, and just might be the first step towards peace between Creative and IT teams.

Put an end to production storage chaos! Standardize storage structure for editing projects & simplify archival and deletion. Protect your assets from unauthorized access. Strawberry’s unique approach and built-in access control system improves security and greatly improves storage utilization.