Producing compelling content requires a myriad of creative tools. Video editing, audio editing, graphics, color grading, compositing, and more all have their best of breed tools. Managing the requirements of these applications whilst guaranteeing service is a challenge for the IT/infrastructure teams in the best of times. But with time to delivery at a premium, transferring or copying footage gums up the works and makes cleanup more difficult. Strawberry enables this content to be shared across various projects, supercharging collaboration and speeding up the entire process. This is great in principle, but if the editors don’t want to use the PAM, what good is it? A common problem with Asset Management tools is that they are designed for accountants (management?) not for the creative user. Not so with Strawberry; it was designed by editors for editors. The tight integration with Adobe CC and Avid Media Composer demonstrates this and ensures that the creative team will benefit from the workflow.

Share content and entire projects with your colleagues, even across different creative applications. Quickly link your colleagues' graphics or audio content into your editing project. Streamline the collaboration between video editing, audio, graphics, and more simply by linking assets among projects.  The technology that enables this is called Project Mounts. Instead of giving the creative team access to the central storage or various workspaces, Project Mounts take the guesswork out of prepping and finding footage. The creative user simply opens their project, and all the relevant content, folders, and even project files are instantly presented into the project mount. Open a project in Strawberry and your content is just there. You don’t have to go looking through a myriad of volumes and folders to assemble your content before you can even begin to work. Project Mounts also allow for multiple editors to securely access the same project & media files simultaneously on one or multiple storage systems. Editors can work freely on their project mount while admins rest secure in the knowledge that the central storage remains clean and structured.

Strawberry fully supports the Adobe Team Projects to enhance team collaboration as well as the newly released Project Locking feature in Premiere Pro CC. While Adobe Team Projects allows editors to access the same team project file stored in the cloud, it does not ensure that editors have access to the media in said project. This pairs perfectly with Strawberry’s project-based media management, which ensures that assigned team members can access the assets and all related media within the project. It delivers all of the content to the user.

Are you an Avid house, looking to utilize best-of-breed IT-Standard storage for editorial?  All of this while keeping your familiar bin locking workflow intact? Great! Strawberry enables Avid-style bin locking for your IT storage and adds a variety of features on top of that.