From the dawn of time, video editors have abused production storage. Files put in the wrong place or even accidentally deleted from work in progress projects are just a few of the things that ruin storage utilization and eat up valuable time and space. Strawberry keeps track of what exactly happens on your storage and gives you the tools to prevent these issues right from the start.

When you work with sensitive client content, you most likely struggle with manual storage access rights management for dozens or even hundreds of users. With Strawberry, storage access rights are driven automatically based on each users project permissions. This means that database and storage access are controlled from one central spot and on demand. Strawberry can also leverage your existing LDAP or Active Directory services for authentication.

Avoid human error right from the start. Eliminate guesswork. Standardize your creative projects with customizable templates & defined metadata schemes. Thus allowing editors to focus on their creative work.

Do you Need a solid & secure media workflow for your existing central storage? Or are you looking for a new IT storage and want to add award-winning media workflows on top of it? Strawberry seamlessly integrates with the majority of professional IT storages systems.

One of the most common pitfalls in file-based workflow is duplication. Because of fear of deletion, editors tend to copy media from other projects into their own project folders. This can result in having the same file on the central storage multiple times. Strawberry completely eliminates this issue by linking files on the storage level without duplicating them, even across projects and multiple applications. Strawberry also keeps track of which files are actually used and prevents deletion of these files until the last instance is gone. Storage utilization is drastically improved.

What content can be deleted? What can be archived? Not sure? The good news is, you are not alone! People make mistakes and often these mistakes result in loss of production content. Strawberry’s linking functionality ensures that when content is deleted from one project, it is still available in the other projects in which it was used. Furthermore, Strawberry has a built-in deletion protection layer that automatically keeps track of deleted files and safely stores them in a recycle location on your storage. when a file is missing, it can be easily picked up from the recycle location and brought back into the project.