Manual tasks and processes are a burden on every creative team. Waiting for an assistant to upload a clip for review, or killing time while incoming content becomes available to the editing team? Or waiting for an admin to kick off a transcoding job, or an archivist to retrieve an old asset? Strawberry provides a platform to empower your team to perform standard workflow tasks themselves and save time.

Strawberry’s intuitive interface gives you an overview of your entire storage, so you can easily scrub through previews of content. Spend less time searching and more time working!

Find your assets based on their project context. The lightning-fast search framework filters results instantly, putting what you need at your fingertips.

Overwhelmed with the flood of incoming content? Overloading your MAM with never-used raw footage? Having trouble integrating post-production with broader functions? Strawberry can help you. Set up a limitless amount of ingest watch folders and let Strawberry take care of the ingest into the shared storage & metadata extraction process. Strawberry also creates proxies from incoming media automatically, so your team always knows what they are looking at. Purging unused rushes afterward becomes a snap.

Send finished projects to the Archive, and retrieve only that particular clip that you need. Strawberry makes the archive work for the creative team and provides a window to the entire history of your productions, projects & media assets.

Strawberry’s powerful workflow engine combined with its intuitive front end lets users initiate workflow tasks at the click of a button. Integrating editorial with other applications, such as Playout, Transcoding or a corporate MAM has never been easier.


Logging, translation, transcription, and commentary can be done anywhere, freeing production from the facility.

It’s never been easier to provide feedback to the creative team. Management can review and approve from any web browser, and suggestions make it into the editing suite. Apply global comments to an asset, or do it on a frame accurate basis. Quickly share assets via email with the team or even with clients. Strawberry gives you the tools to simplify team communication while keeping your content the center of attention.

Strawberry’s revolutionary browser-based rough cut editing tool lets you lift simple editing tasks from an office computer while taking the pressure of overbooked editing suites. Preditor is designed in a way so that non-editors can easily tell a story, engaging other voices in the creative process. Sequences created with Preditor can easily be imported into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer, and Final Cut. Preditor works out of the box with any modern web browser.